{about Rachael Juzeler}

Rachael Juzeler is a bit of a problem child –suffering from project ADD, she gets carried away with planning, organizing and completing various projects – whether restoring her historical home (with her “particular” style sense,) creating festivals, building things she feels need to be built, and generally liberally exercising creative thought. 

She feels creative thought is not something you are born with. Creative thought is something you have to cultivate and exercise religiously.  And creative thought is her religion.  As well as tone of light.  And contradiction.  And work ethic. 

Events in her childhood shaped what she has become today.  One of her earliest memories is getting busted by Park Rangers while trying to replicate the petroglyphs at wedding rocks in the NW. Her parents ingrained in her a strong work ethic.  And later, she experienced great tones of light and natural phenomena on the coast of WA state. Studying art, reading W. Blake, and having an epiphany also made her who she is. 

If you live life to the absolute fullest and are not afraid to live complete contradiction, you can find “God.”
She likes to show this cleverly in her art and design aesthetic. 


She is a bit crazy, loud, and boldly works to not conform to accepted practices and normal thought.  She’s very stylish (in her own mind.)  She strives for the unattainable.


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