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Alaska Permanent Fund Corporation
1% for Art
Salmon Stocks

Salmon Stocks (1).jpg



Similar to financial markets Salmon Stocks fluctuate over time— depicted here is an artistic interpretation of Alaska King Salmon stocks performance since 1972. 

Using kiln-formed Bullseye glass, I have created a graphical representation of King Salmon returns with full-size salmon overlaid and fused onto an intricately styled water and graph background —all five of Alaska’s species are represented; Chinook, Sockeye, Pink, Silver & Chum in their bright, transitional and spawning phases. To have a diversified portfolio is of utmost importance throughout all healthy ecosystems!

I hope you enjoy and are inspired by my vision—


—Rachael Juzeler—

Salmon Stocks 1.Left panel.jpg
Salmon Stocks 2.L-Chum-Ctr.jpg
Salmon Stocks 3.Ctr panel.jpg
Salmon Stocks 4.Pink-Red-Rt.jpg
Salmon Stocks 5.Rt panel.jpg
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